10 Actionable Tricks to Use Instagram Reels For Your Model

If you want to take your Instagram marketing game to the next level, it may be time to experiment with Instagram roles.

Instagram Reels are short 15- or 30-second videos that can be played in a loop and synced with music or videos. The videos will loop when someone scrolls and repeat until they are scrolled. These short, catchy videos get shared a lot, become catchy tunes, and hopefully go viral.

This new feature on Instagram provides a starting point for all kinds of branded, themed video creations that you can use to connect with followers and increase brand awareness.

How do they work and how can you use them for your brand?

How do Instagram roles work?

With Instagram Reels you can immerse yourself in the world of short videos, similar to TikTok or other popular short music video apps. Here’s how to explore, create, and add music to your roles.

Exploring Instagram roles

Before diving in, be sure to spend some time exploring the roles of others and how they use them on their personal platforms or branded accounts.

To find roles, click the Roles icon in the app, which looks like a director’s flap with a play button. This is where you can explore roles based on accounts you follow and others that Instagram believes you might be interested in based on your activity on the platform.

Instagram roll button

Another way to explore roles is to search for roles on the Explore page.

You can also go straight to a profile page and look for the role icon.

Screenshot of Instagram roles from the account page

How to create Instagram roles

Ready to build? It’s time to turn on the camera and get started.

In the Instagram app, select the little plus sign in the top right corner to add a video. A screen opens with a variety of creator options, including roles.

Select the “Roles” option. Various adjustment functions will appear.

Screenshot of the page for creating Instagram roles

Many features are recognizable to Instagram users, including the music icon, high speed, and timer.

You can also choose to have your video be 15 seconds or 30 seconds long. If you’re not sure, you can start small. Keep in mind that reel videos that play a shorter video when repeated may have a bigger impact.

Add music to roles

When you start creating your reel video you will see the music icon. Click the musical note and you will see a library of titles, similar to the music, that you can add to Instagram Stories.

Use the search bar at the top to find music that is suitable for your video creation. Then choose the part of the song that best fits your video – and your goal.

Screenshot of the music page from Instagram roles

If you don’t want to choose a song, you can also use background noise or your voice for your roles.

10 Ways To Use Instagram Roles To Promote Your Brand

Like so many other social media features, Reels provides a platform for brands to connect and interact with followers. However, it can be difficult to break through the noise and come up with video ideas that fit your brand and are of interest to followers.

If you’re starting out with Instagram Reels or want to put together a content calendar of ideas for reels, read on. Here are ten ways to use these short videos to market your brand, plus some real examples other brands have used. Use these as inspiration, but remember to stay true to your brand.

1. Tell your brand story on Instagram Reels

What’s your “why”? Every brand has one, and telling that story is a great way to connect meaningfully with your customer base. Instagram Reels is a fun and authentic way to share your story.

When you share the backstory about your brand, you want it to be real, not for sale. The integrations and video options make this easy.

With brand-internal background music, Tailored Tulle told the story of their first business year with the help of Instagram Reels and emphasized the deep gratitude for their customers.

Example of Instagram roles

The video is more authentic and warm than boastful. Video is a fun way to tell the story of your first year of business instead of writing it all down.

2. Offer Reel Watchers exclusive discount codes

It can be fun here! Why not “reward” loyal followers and viewers with discounts and exclusive opportunities and do so in a way that is fun and engaging? This could be a great way to announce a new product or share a seasonal sale to get more customers interested in shopping your store.

Once you’ve set up your branded Instagram account for Instagram purchases, you can also tag your products on your Instagram roll. Excite viewers with an engaging roll of video about your product, then offer a discount they don’t want to miss and do the shopping seamlessly with the tag right in the mail.

Sephora used Instagram Reels to show people how to enter a promo code when shopping online to receive a bag of freebies.

3. Share your creative process

People love to get a glimpse of their favorite products and designers. You feel part of an elite group. People new to your brand can gain a deeper understanding of the effort and time it takes to develop your product.

Whether you’re giving your editorial calendar a sneak peek or turning on the camera when inspiration comes along, roles can be a fun way to engage people and help them feel more connected to your brand.

Soleil Furnishings creates custom furniture restorations and uses Instagram Reels to show different parts of the creative process, from sanding to painting.

Instagram roll music sample

In blog posts or other longer-term content, this may seem dry or boring, but with a little background music and on-loop, a recovery update will turn into a satisfactory clock.

4. Offer behind the scenes

Business is more than the pretty, well-planned square photos that fill our social media feeds. Try reels for behind the scenes recording to build a real relationship with your followers, especially those who really invested in what you are creating.

Get real with your followers. Pull back the curtains and say hello to your company at all the ups and downs of life.

The Wishing Elephant releases many behind the scenes roles in which they share the reality of processing and shipping orders, and the chaos and joy that comes with running a small business.

5. Introduce your team about roles

The online world can be notoriously impersonal. So why not give your social media marketing a certain personality? Use roles to interview your teammates or let them pick a favorite song and show a hobby or interest they have outside of the office.

Of course, you’d want to get all of these things done in your HR department first, but again, this is a great way to bring life to your social media posts, especially if your industry is on the brink of congestion.

You can also use reels to highlight your brand, product, or service while introducing your team. The KidoodleTV Streaming App Employees select Instagram roles and ask employees what they and their children like to see in the app.

Employees highlight Instagram roles

The brand highlight shows the shows they offer and shares a little more about the people behind the app.

6. Show your products

Does your product have many features or options? Or do you manufacture tailor-made products for each customer? Roles let you highlight what makes your products unique and highlight product details and uses.

William Sonoma uses Instagram Reels to showcase the products they sell in action so followers can see what their products look like on their Christmas table or serve their favorite dish.

7. Advertise freebies On Instagram roles

If you’re using freebies to get more followers or to reward loyal customers, Instagram Reels is a great place to speak up and create a buzz. Or you can make surprise gifts.

Pretty by JL surprised some of their buyers with a free giveaway on recent orders and announced the winners on an Instagram roll.

8. Educate your audience By rolling

With Instagram Reels, you can let followers know about your brand or the values ​​your brand stands for. In brief snippets, you can share the knowledge that as an expert you take for granted but that you may still be exploring. It’s a great way to be an industry lawyer and educate people.

For example, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds uses Instagram Reels to educate audiences about the uses of plants in herbal medicine.

Garden Instagram roles example

9. Provide a product demonstration on Instagram Reels

Whether your product is complicated and needs a thorough explanation, or you want to show off some cool features, these short videos are a fun way to show you what makes your product great. They can get creative, goofy, or really off the wall. For example, you could enable specific functions or less obvious uses for your product.

Artists can take advantage of this by highlighting the details that go into your work. Rachel Froud gives her followers a glimpse of how she paints her pieces on her Instagram roles.

10. Use scrollers to spread some luck

When it comes to social media marketing, we spend a lot of time thinking about the ROI, bottom line, and profit margins. But sometimes social media offers a bigger opportunity. With social media we are taken into people’s lives and have the chance to bring joy and light.

Roles are no exception. In fact, they can be the perfect way to bring some joy and laughter. Keep it simple Show something adorable or beautiful. Let your little corner of the internet bring some brightness.

Here’s what America’s VetDogs shared on their Reels feed. It’s very simple, just a glimpse of their daily work. Nothing over the top. They even just used their background noise for audio instead of grinding a fun song, though those choices would have been endless.


Instagram Reels can breathe new life into your Instagram account and help you build your followers.

Have fun creating short videos with catchy melodies and sharing your brand story. It’s a great tool for experimenting and getting creative. So dive in and enjoy.

What is your favorite background music for Instagram Reels?

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