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Why Google Business (GMB/GBP) is Important for Local SEO

Mar 18

The competition among local businesses has moved from the physical realm into the digital realm due to the rise of the internet. One of the best traffic sources on the internet is organic traffic - The traffic which comes from Google, Bing, and other search engines. And we all know that traffic means opportunities and revenue in the digital field!

That's why more and more local businesses are trying their best to improve their online presence in order to provide services/products to customers in the community. In fact, this has given rise to a new form of SEO which is only for local businesses and is called Local SEO.

When we talk about local SEO, one of the best tools which can help a local business improve their local visibility is Google Business. And the best part is that GMB/GBP is a free tool with an easy-to-use interface!

What is Local SEO?

As the name implies, Local SEO refers to the search engine optimization strategy which is used to improve the rankings of local businesses in local SERPs. For example, a local business with a good local SEO strategy will rank higher for local search queries rather than the one which doesn't have an active local SEO strategy.

I mean, we all search online for "barber shops near me," "construction company near me," and so on. Local businesses which put efforts towards improving their online presence are the ones that manage to rank higher for these search queries!

So to put it simply, Local SEO helps local brick-and-mortar businesses to improve their rankings on search engines. And at the center of every good Local SEO strategy is Google Business (GMB/GBP).

Benefits of Google Business in Local SEO

As mentioned earlier, Google Business is a free tool that can be used by local businesses to manage their online presence on Google search results, including Maps. Using the Google My Business tool, business owners can provide business information to consumers such as Business names, photos, websites, business hours, business descriptions, and so on.

Without a data-driven Google Business Audit Tool, a business owner cannot manage their online SEO presence on Google search and maps, which means lost revenue and lost customers. What would happen if your website is not updated in the Google listings? What about the wrong address or wrong phone number? All of these mistakes or missing information can cost money & the best way to manage it is via Google Business Tool.

Let's have a look at some additional benefits of using Google Business:

Boost Your Local Rankings

Whenever you search for a local query, you see a listing of local businesses with complete information. This section is made by the business owners for their company via the Google Business tool. And the only way to appear in these local results is by ensuring that your GMB listing is accurate, optimized, and fully verified.

In short, you can't even think of local rankings without GMB!

Attract New Customers

Gone are the days when people would use paper maps to go around the city! These days, people use Google Maps to find their way around the city and even to find local businesses near them. Once again, having an accurate and verified listing allows you to attract new customers to your business. 

Allow Customers to Leave Reviews

Reviews on your Google listings are a powerful tool that can help you boost the credibility of your business and even attract new customers! With Google Business, potential business owners can easily manage their online presence and even manage local reviews!


Another benefit of Google Business (GMB/GBP) is that it allows you to communicate with customers who have left reviews for your business. Right now, the only way to communicate with these customers is through Google Business!