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Embarrassed by your Google Reviews?

Mar 22

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When Doing Google Map Audits For Companies I Regurlay Encounter The Issue Of Negative Reviews.

There Are Several Different Ways To Handle These Negative Reviews, And One Of Them Is To Push Negative Reviews Out Of The Way.

I Want To Inject A Caveat Here Because If You’re A Business And Every Single Review Is A Negative One Or 90% Negative Reviews I Won’t Work With The Business.

However, For Most Businesses, Negative Reviews Are A By-Product Of Running A Business We Would Like To Think That We’re Pretty Perfect. However, The Reality Is Every Business Has An Off Day.

Maybe Somebody Came Into Your Business And The Person They Encountered That Day Wasn’t Having A Very Good Day.

This May Have Painted A Negative Picture For The Person Walking In The Door. But Let’s Face It Is That A Reflection Of The Business Having Poor Operational Standards?


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Maybe Maybe Not.

Most Businesses That Have Negative Reviews Tend To Be Minor In Nature For The Most Part And Can Be Easily Corrected.

In The Video, I Go Over This In A Little Bit More Detail But Here’s A Quick Summary Of Some Important Points I Want You To Take Away From This Video.

1. Reviews Are Useful
2. Filter Through Your Reviews To Gauge What People Are Saying About Your Business
3. Filter Through Your Competitors Reviews To Gain Additional Intel About Your Competition (Watch the video for a powerful tip)
4. Make It Easy For People To Leave Reviews At All Times
5. Make Sure You Have Ongoing Reputation Management Systems

Finally, If You Want To Get Rid Of Google Reviews Problems Once And For All You Need An Ongoing Reputation Management Plan. I Can Help You With That or google maps seo services.

I Have Purpose Built Software That Runs 24/7 For You On Your Behalf That Deals With All Aspects Of Reputation Management.

We Can Also Push Out Negative Reviews That Are Not A Reflection Of The Daily Operational Aspects Of Your Business.

I wanted to leave you with this additional thought. When you run tools against the data or to collect new data you will find fascinating insights.

The diagram above show that the demographic of those reading reviews for restaurants is typically male 70.3% of all searches are male and most searches are performed by those aged 35-54.

What can you glean from this insight?

Well if you run a restaurant you can market to men aged between 35-44 based on other attributes such as:

  • Men currently dating
  • Engaged men
  • Newly married men

 For the age group 45-54, you can add recently divorced men or recently divorced men dating. There’s a number of scenarios and life circumstances for men in that age range that you can use as a part of your clever marketing for your restaurant. All of this from just understanding google reviews.

I could write so much more but I don’t want to bore you to tears this time.

See you in the next post!

Take care



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