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Why Small Businesses Need SEO

Apr 20

Search Engine Optimzation For Local Businesses

Local seo Is an important marketing tactic that as a small-business owner you need to be aware of, but we have found that some businesses lack the know-how and the time to implement it fully. SEO has been proven to help get traffic to your website, connect with customers, and rank your content on Google. Our team of professionals at Smashing Pixels, Located in Brantford, ON, can help you with your local seo services. Below are reasons why small businesses need SEO and how we can assist:


SEO helps to keep small businesses competitive

Organizations must remain competitive and respond to the digital world, from small market vendors to big food chain franchises. Some small businesses may be worried about this change in the market, but there are many opportunities. They have a chance to compete with their larger chain counterparts using SEO tools such as keywords. This can help them position themselves to deliver content about goods and services that are relevant & specific to the location of their customers. Smaller businesses might not have the same marketing budget and strategies as large businesses, but they can still compete in their respective industries. Our specialists at Smashing Pixels will use SEO tactics to help promote your brand accordingly.


Consistency in search engine optimization (SEO) will help you build credibility, industry awareness, and even authority within your industry. Search engines keep on changing their rules and algorithms to improve how they deliver web pages to their users. By utilizing quality content and ethical SEO techniques, such as blogging, keyword research, mobile optimization, citations, and link building, we can help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. You're creating engaging content that users are going to enjoy. You'll start to see your company appear at the top of Google search results more often. As this cycle continues, not only will people see you more often, but they'll also trust what they see.

Organic Traffic

Although pay-per-click campaigns are often viewed as an easy way to get traffic to your site, organic traffic is still considered the best to generate long-term results. So if you're hesitant to spend time and money on social media campaigns, content marketing and paid ads, it is advisable for your website to have a proper SEO strategy. When you choose to work with Smashing Pixels, you'll get increased organic traffic, which will attract new customers to your business and gain new clients.

User Experience

Marketing strategies often work together to form a better user experience, including SEO techniques and quality content creation, mobile optimization, search engine listings, and proper keyword research. Search engines are intelligent and can identify signs of a poor experience. The data they use shows clients that your website has a poor user experience. This can push your website rankings down, which will decrease traffic, interactions, and conversions. With the Smashing Pixels, our team of professionals can create you a mobile-friendly site design and well-designed navigation to better serve customers on their phones.

Creating An SEO Strategy Plan With Smashing Pixels Inc

Where do we start? At the beginning, of course. We learn about your business, your current website, and your competition in order to create a clear path to follow. From the discovery phase, we will develop an on-line and off-line strategy as well as a content schedule that will allow us to measure against the stated goals. Then, the fun begins.

We roll-up our sleeves and begin editing your website code to maximize your website strategy. We update your tags, internal links, and ensure that your domains are connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. From there, we're ready to inject your site with new quality content. When that is all said and done, we will provide regular reporting that includes performance reports and reviews. Based on the information discovered through data collection, we will determine if any adjustments to the SEO Strategic Plan needs to be made. Sounds fun!

Now that you are enlightened, it's time to make the most of your online marketing. It’s time to optimize your site for SEO. Connect with Smashing Pixels if you are looking for an SEO company or SEO agency.