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Jun 24


While you know that your upholstery furniture needs to be cleaned, you may not know exactly how to get it done. You probably have experienced DIY upholstery cleaning. The results are not as thorough and effective as you would like.

You can be sure your furniture will be cleaned by partnering with a professional upholstery cleaning company. Upholstery cleaning professionals will ensure that your furniture remains in its best condition. Henderson Carpet Cleaners has a comprehensive process that makes your home healthier.

Henderson Carpet Cleaners can help you with professional upholstery cleaning. Below, we have listed some frequently asked questions and detailed answers from our professionals. With this information, it is possible to take the necessary steps for ensuring that your upholstered furniture looks clean, healthy, and beautiful.

Your Upholstery Cleaning Question Answered

How often should my upholstery furniture be cleaned and maintained?

There are several factors that determine how often upholstered furniture should be cleaned. First, check with the manufacturer. Usually, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning of upholstered furniture every 24-48months.

It is worth considering increasing the frequency that your upholstery is cleaned if your family has pets or children. Cleaning upholstery may also help with asthma and allergies.

Is the process of upholstery cleaning similar to that of carpet cleaning.

Upholstery is more delicate than carpet, so it must be treated with care. Excessive water can cause damage to the upholstery.

Hot Carbonating Extraction is an excellent option for cleaning upholstery and carpets. This carbonated solution removes dirt and dust from upholstery fibers. After extracting these contaminants, the liquid solution is applied to your furniture.

Why is it important for me to have my upholstery professionally cleaned

Even carpeted houses, and upholstered furniture is a significant contributors to the trapping of dust, allergens, as well as other airborne particles. Professional upholstery cleaning can be a great choice for your furniture.

Our trained technicians can help clean out your upholstered furniture of harmful particles. Regular cleanings make sure that the upholstery doesn't get clogged up with debris and dust. We'll make sure your upholstery smells, feels and looks great.

Professional cleaning can remove stains from my upholstery.

Yes! Yes. Our upholstery cleaning services can remove even the most difficult stains. We employ innovative techniques to gently remove the cause of stains.

Protect your furniture from potential spills or accidents with our Protectant Package. It increases stain resistance for upholstered fabrics and provides protection for fragile fibers.

How long will my furniture dry after I have done the upholstery cleaning?

Because we don't use excess water, furniture with our Hot Carbonating Extraction services will dry faster than other cleaning methods. Most of our clients' furniture drys in less than an hour. Drying furniture that is particularly soiled or made of certain fabrics may take longer.

Are you able to clean my suede or leather furniture?

A Certified Leather Specialist can help you with your leather and suede furniture cleaning. They won't leave leather upholstery looking pristine. They are also able to restore and protect leather furniture. You can extend the life of your leather sofa or leather couch with our help.

Do you have questions about professional upholstery cleaners or would like to schedule an appointment with a Henderson Carpet Cleaners tech? Henderson Carpet Cleaners is your best choice!


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