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10 Startup Accelerators Based On Successful Exits

Jul 29

It is an undeniable fact that all of the global accelerators out there are changing the entire entrepreneurship market and the fate of several different startups.

Upon hiring a brand value accelerator, you don’t just get a supportive ecosystem to grow in, in fact, accelerators provide massive funding too. In simpler words, you get both mentorship and capital in exchange for equity. 

People often confuse accelerators and FBA aggregators as the same but they really aren’t and they both are completely different terms. Some accelerators provide a proper workspace to startups, they offer business and management consultation and on top of that they provide feedback on the products too. In short, accelerators are the talk of town for all the right reasons mainly because they help businesses grow. 

The only issue here is that getting into these  programs is quite difficult and the acceptance rate is really low. For example, for every 7000 applications, there will only be 106 spots. Some of the top accelerators are from Sofia, New York, Brussels and Toronto. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best startup accelerators based on successful exits; 

1-500 Startups 

To date 500 Startups has invested in 1694 startups in 60 different countries and they’ve made 162 successful exits. Two of the most popular funded startups are Udemy and Credit Karma. As far as the exits are concerned, they include sales to Rakuten and Google. This accelerator is more like a seed and is in its early stage with 13 micro funds and 4 major funds. 


Y-Combinator is one of the most popular startup accelerators in the market. Every year the accelerator funds a group of startups that it finds suitable with $120k. To date, the company has invested in around 1834 startups and has made 192 successful exits. Overall, the companies that Y-Combinator has been involved with have a valuation of around $100B. Some of them are; Stripe, Reddit, Airbnb, Weebly and Coinbase. 

3-Plug And Play 

Plug And Play has put around  51% of its investments in some startups. To date, the venture has made 731 investments with 60 successful exits. The portfolio companies of Plug And Play have raised a total of $7B to date. What’s more impressive is the fact that its VC is willing to write checks worth $25,000 to $500,000 if the startup makes sense to him. 


What most people don’t know about Wayra is that it started in Latin America and then expanded to Spain and then launched in the UK. Another impressive fact about this accelerator is that it’s backed by one of the most famous telecommunication companies, Telefonica. To date, Wayra has invested in 960 companies and has made 18 successful exits. The accelerator invests around $50k in startups and they pride in telling the world that 45% of its ventures have female founders. 


Startupbootcamp accelerator has the highest number or investments in 424 companies and to date, it has made 21 successful exits. This accelerator runs Fintech, IOT, Foodtech programs and Insurtech from all around the globe. From Singapore to Mumbai, Dubai, Mexico and even Amsterdam, Startupbootcamp works everywhere. As far as its average funding amount is concerned, it’s 1.168M Euros.


SOSV is famous for investing in food tech and biotech startups. Sean O’ Sullivan prides itself that this accelerator has created real products and not just digital ones. As far as the number of investments is concerned, this accelerator has invested in 1152 startups and has made 23 successful exits. 

7-Mass Challenge 

Mass Challenge is a Boston based accelerator but it has programs all around the globe. From Israel to Mexico to Switzerland, Mass Challenge operates in several different countries. As per the accelerator, its startups have created around 800,000 jobs. The program is heavy in Fintech and Biotech and has made 1387 investments to date with 39 exits. 


Techstars is famous for funding startups and mentors. It is a one popular accelerator and to date, Techstars has made some great progress and has created around 1000 companies that have a value of $8B. Companies like Startup Weekend and Startup Week are funded by Techstars and to date, this accelerator has invested in 1557 startups with 134 exits. 

9-Startup Chile 

If you are looking for one of the most unique and the fastest growing accelerator programs in the world then its Startup Chile that  you need to know about. To date, it has invested in 837 companies with 16 successful exits. As the name implies, this accelerator was launched by the Chilean government in order to attract entrepreneurs and spur investments. Accepted entrepreneurs can get funding worth $80k without any equity and others can get $100k with perks. The best thing about this accelerator is that it comes with a pre-acceleration program that’s specifically for female founders. This program goes by the name “The S Factory”. 


AngelPad is based in San Francisco and New York. The accelerator has worked with more than 150 companies and its average funding is $11 million USD for each one of them. AngelPad really has an impressive record. After every 6 months, this accelerator selects 15 teams for its 3-months program. There are massive numbers of applicants for this program but you’ll only be accepted if you are lucky. From mentoring you to funding your startup and even prepping you in a wide range of subjects, AngelPad will provide everything to help you grow. To date, it has funded 153 startups and has made 31 successful exits. 

These are some of the most popular accelerators based on successful exits. The whole accelerator program concept is quite impressive as it helps startups grow by providing the two main things that each one of them need; funds and guidance. However, you really have to be lucky to be accepted for these programs and if you do become a part of them, you’ll see how your business skyrockets!