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BRBD Marketing Cape Town, South Africa | How To Use Social Media For Small Business Owners

Sep 22


If your small business lacks a social media presence, you may be depriving your brand of major benefits. You may acquire new consumers through social media and communicate with existing ones more intelligently. Social media may be a highly cost-effective and individualized method of contacting customers while also offering vital brand data.

We will discuss the most successful commercial applications of social media, best practices for an efficient social media marketing plan, how to assess social media ROI, and how to choose the best social platform for your firm. Let’s learn about Social Media for small businesses in South Africa


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Utilize Social Media For Advertising

Integrating social media into your small business's marketing strategy allows you to reach consumers and prospects where they are. The greatest approach to ensure social media success is to develop a strategy beforehand. This requires developing a social media marketing strategy for each platform you intend to employ. Your fans prefer a consistent presence, so adhere to a regular publishing schedule. While maintaining consistency, avoid posting excessively since this might be off-putting to your fans.

Social Media May Be Used For Customer Service

Using social media for customer care is a no-brainer, given that so many consumers already connect via these platforms. You may efficiently handle consumer issues through social media communication, fostering customer loyalty. Many businesses use social media as an additional avenue for self-promotion and do not always respond to consumer comments or tweets. According to data conducted by Convince & Convert, 42% of customers want a response to a social media complaint within 60 minutes, and almost one-third expect a response within 30 minutes. Monitoring social media platforms and swiftly reacting to consumer issues may help you create good customer connections.

Use Social Media For Sales

Increased sales is one of the most straightforward and profitable ways to feel the impact of social media. There are several strategies to increase revenue using social media. The biggest social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offer advertising systems that allow you to reach your target audience and track your ad campaigns. Facebook and Instagram provide sales platforms and shoppable posts, making it simple for businesses to begin selling online.


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