Anal Swab Covid Take a look at Gained’t Make You Waddle Like A ‘Penguin’, China Says

Top line

Chinese officials assured members of the public on Monday that newly introduced anal swab coronavirus tests won’t make them waddle like penguins after a video allegedly showing people struggling to walk after using them went viral online has become.

According to China, the Covid-19 tests with anal swabs do not cause any discomfort.


Key factors

Authorities said a video of people waddling out of a hospital, which was reportedly viewed millions of times before being removed, did not show people who had been given the anal swab test.

The video, which is set on a laughing track, is tampered with and forged, officials said, although an explanation of what the video shows was not offered.

The new tests, which involve inserting a cotton swab about 1 to 2 inches into the rectum and which Chinese authorities say can detect the virus more accurately than oral and nasal methods, are only used in high-risk cases because of the lower risk. as a convenient test method.

The test doesn’t cause any discomfort, officials said, and was only used on hospitalized Covid-19 patients with diarrhea.

Key background

China has been ready to take extreme measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, lockdown entire cities and provinces to contain outbreaks, quarantine newcomers for extended periods, and reports of forced testing. As cases continue to rise before the New Year celebrations, Beijing introduced anal swabs as a new type of coronavirus test that could hopefully detect the virus more accurately. Li Tongzeng, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Infectious Diseases at Beijing You An Hospital, said studies show that the virus lasts longer in the anus or excrement than it does in the respiratory tract and that an anal test may or may not better identify the disease in mild illnesses asymptomatic cases.

Chief critic

Not all experts agree with the use of anal swabs to test for respiratory diseases. Yang Zhanqiu, a pathology expert at Wuhan University, told China’s Global Times that nasal and throat swabs are the most efficient way to collect test samples for Covid-19. “There have been cases where the coronavirus tested positive on a patient’s feces, but there is no evidence that it was transmitted through the digestive system,” Yang said.

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