Bored Of Waiting To Speak On Clubhouse? Pay Someone To Queue For You

A new clubhouse concierge service has started

SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Clubhouse users who are tired of waiting for their turn can now have a concierge service waiting for them.

The service, offered by the home service provider Fantastic Services, enables “time-hungry” clubhouse users to do other tasks instead of waiting for audio to be heard on the new social network.

When the user is asked to speak in a room, they will be notified by their concierge and can join the conversation. The service costs £ 12 ($ 17) an hour.

“We’ve seen our customers waste hours in the clubhouse waiting to speak for 30 seconds, so we wanted to offer a solution to help,” said Rune Sovndahl, co-founder of Fantastic Services.

“Especially during lockdown, many people have a limited amount of time – with balancing kids, home schooling, work, and other Zoom meetings – they just can’t afford to sit in an app and wait. So we acted quickly to find a solution to the trend and we think this service will be incredibly popular because of the trends we have seen in the past. “

Bad etiquette?

The concierge service may save time for the speakers, but it’s likely seen as bad etiquette in the young social network, where the general mood is to listen to other speakers and then do your own part, rather than just show up to speak and then disappear.

There is also the potential problem of missing your slot. If a speaker who is called cannot immediately respond to the ping of their hired help, the room moderator is likely to simply switch to the next person to speak.

Saving your place in the speaking queue isn’t the only way Fantastic Services can help the concierge staff at the clubhouse. It is claimed that their concierges can also help with room moderation by, among other things, inviting other users to your room and tweaking the profile.

The company insists that your clubhouse login and password are not required to perform concierge services. A Fantastic Services spokesperson said the concierges “want to be listening to the conversation in the clubhouse and being room moderators.”

“That way, they can ping their customers and add them to the conversation exactly when it matters to them. Hence, users don’t waste time listening to chit chat that isn’t entirely related to their expertise. “

The clubhouse is certainly the up and coming social network of 2021, but it’s not without its problems. A slew of security issues have recently been identified, not the least of which is the fact that the company is uploading your phone contacts and using them for marketing purposes. This is described by data protection officers as a violation of EU law.

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