Calls To Expel Ted Cruz Trending On Social Media After AOC Response

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 27: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) participates in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee … [+] Hearings on the appointment of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as United States Ambassador to the United Nations on Capitol Hill on January 27, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool / Getty Images)

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Even in agreement, the divide remains in America, and any chance of unity or healing in America seems unlikely as both sides continue to aim the other side, to destroy America. The most recent example came on Thursday when MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) publicly denounced Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and declined support for recent calls to investigate how Robinhood app users dated the Trading stocks were ruled out by the struggling video game retailer GameStop.

Rep Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) replied directly on Twitter, replying to Cruz: “You haven’t even apologized for the serious physical and mental harm you contributed to by fellow Capitol Police and regulators in your own fellow Congressmen in the meantime, you can leave my timeline and stop chasing clout. Thank you. Glad to be working on this with other GOPs. “

Some media outlets have been quick to pick up on the latest social media spit highlighting partiality among lawmakers.

As CNN’s Ram Ramgopal tweeted (@RamCNN), “AOC refuses to support Cruz over Wall Street chaos: ‘You almost had me murdered'”

@MotherJones and other liberal outlets soon retweeted or otherwise shared Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s comments. It needs to be asked whether the news is actually being reported or just hoping to get further comments on social media.

If it was the latter, mission accomplished!

None of that addressed the Wall Street problem this week.

Former DHS General Counsel John Mitnick (@JohnMitnick) was among the few voices who responded directly to this issue, “Both are right. If Ted Cruz and AOC agree, regulators and the private sector should be careful. Securities market.” (s) do not exist solely for the benefit of institutional investors. Unless trading is against securities laws it should not be restricted. “

Instead of focusing on the topic, calls broke out on social media to resign Sen. Cruz, and actor George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) was among those who almost seemed excited about the break in our nation. “Guys, there is a common thread to drive away josh hawley and ted cruz and I think it takes off big here we goooooooooo”

While the actor posted a follow-up tweet that said, “Satire is apparently a lost art,” many other users have called for Cruz’s resignation.

Twitter user @Strandjunker was one of those who suggested, “Drive out Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Mo Brooks, Ron Johnson, Louis Gohmert, John Kennedy (LA), Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Condemn Donald Trump. Repair and cure. “

There is a common theme in these social media posts: it is time to “heal” and “unite”, but increasingly it seems to be at the expense of a significant portion of the conservative voices. Where exactly does repair and healing come into play?

Or is that the goal now that unity can come about when one side is completely silenced?

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) was one of the people who responded to calls for some voices to actually be silenced. In his @ marcorubio he remarked: “With every ‘crisis’ the radical left always has one of three solutions: – increase taxes, – cut jobs or – silence people”.

That, of course, soon sparked further talks with actress Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette), who tweeted, “Stop this rhetoric. Working-class Americans need help. Not the rich who got richer during this pandemic.”

Anyone who studied these allegations found that it wasn’t long before the responses had little to do with the original discussion of possible tampering with Wall Street to simply bring out everything that was seen wrong with the other side .

President Joe Biden had stated in his inaugural address that we are in a “civil war” right now, and it seems that social media has become the most anti-social platform imaginable. While both sides continue to use it as a platform to share a message, a question can be asked directly: WHY BOTH?

It is clear that all of these constant tweets from elected officials continue to share. Calls to unity and healing repeatedly carry the message to isolate or silence the opposition. And in the end, both sides dig deeper.

We are in a rude war and politeness will never return while social media is filled with such seething suspicion and outright hostility.

Consumer advocate @erinbrokovich had perhaps the most informed answer in her response to Arquette and Rubio on Thursday: “Contrary to what Ignore Deny Storm gives, Capitol gives me a break.”

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