Debate Over Marijuana Legalization Trending On Social Media

This August 21, 2019 photo shows an industrial hemp plant in Clayton Township, Michigan … [+] The legalization of industrial hemp is spurring US farmers into uncharted territory, seducing them with profits amid the turbulence in agriculture and proving to be a tricky undertaking in the early stages. Up for grabs is a lucrative market that could more than quintuple worldwide by 2025, which can be attributed to the demand for cannabidiol. The compound doesn’t induce a high like marijuana does and is hyped as a health product for reducing anxiety, treating pain, and promoting sleep. (AP Photo / Paul Sancya)


The debate about legalizing marijuana has remained largely partisan, but there are many conservatives who are in favor of legalization while some liberals are against it. However, the country is as divided on this issue as any other.

This was spotted on social media Saturday after Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (@SenAmandaChase) who represents the 11th district of the old Dominion state and is a candidate for governor this year, took to Twitter to defend Virginia Delegate John McGuire.

“Del. McGuire is right. We have a drug problem in Virginia and legalizing marijuana will only lead to more marijuana overdoses and deaths. Democrats want more marijuana deaths. As your governor, I would never allow marijuana to be legalized. “

Chase’s position came after Virginia’s House of Representatives voted to legalize marijuana. The bill would also remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession for anyone aged 21 and over.

Virginia lawmakers, Chase and McGuire, are among the opponents of legalization and defended their position arguing that marijuana use could lead to overdoses and death. It didn’t take long, however, for literally hundreds of Twitter users to reply that marijuana overdoses are “impossible”.

On social media, many of the responses downright mocked Chase while others attempted to “let her know” the facts.

However, WebMD is among the sites that have determined that marijuana overdose is indeed possible, but added that “there have been no reports of fatal marijuana overdoses” – although it has been confirmed that cannabis overdose is possible. Symptoms range from mild to severe. “Similarly, data from the American Addictions Centers, which included statistics from the CDC Wonder database, indicated that” the number of deaths from marijuana poisoning has increased. “

Some users also claim that marijuana remains a gateway drug – a debate that is unlikely to end anytime soon. All over Twitter, users also played the typical game of marijuana defense by highlighting deaths from alcohol.

@RayneMillarary noted, “The CDC records a small number of THC poisoning deaths each year. The highest I’ve seen is 22. Twenty-two. By comparison, there are 96,000 alcohol-related deaths each year, of which * 2,200 * are attributable to it Alcohol poisoning. Still, I don’t hear anyone suggest criminalizing alcohol. “

This is a typical tactic used in such debates – considering something other than worse, but it is common practice with so many problems in the Rift these days. Two mistakes don’t seem right, but if one thing is really worse than the other, it could be so wrong in some kind of animal farming mindset.

Emphasize the positive

More constructively, some Twitter users responded to Chase to explain how the drug has had a positive impact on their lives.

@plasticmartyr tweeted, “Honey, I either smoke weed every day or make an edible one and I’ve never come close to an overdose. On the contrary. Because of marijuana, it helped my depression and anxiety problems. So I guess YOU need a sister together . “

This final wave of posts follows the ACLU tweet earlier this week calling for the decriminalization of marijuana.

@ACLU tweeted, “We stand ready to decriminalize marijuana, remove previous convictions and invest in communities unjustly affected by the war on drugs. We’ll get there by passing the MORE bill.”

Marijuana deficiency

The timing of Senator Chase’s post also coincided with news that Jamaica may be suffering from a marijuana shortage due to heavy rainfall. UK Daily Mail (@MailOnline) was one of the first to get the news out.

AP, Complex and TMZ were among the media that also picked up the news, and the news was picked up by its own wave of concern as well as some humor.

@ MnMike55408 offered the retort: ​​”You may have to tap Snoop Dog’s national emergency supply.”

@ ReinhartsenLee replied, “Maybe they’ll finally get something done.”

Of all the issues that separate the country, there is at least some humor in this one.

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