How colleges and universities make use of push notifications for better student engagement


Push notifications are the most commonly used interaction channel by websites from various fields such as news and media publishers, e-commerce platforms, job portals, etc. The use of push notifications has seen incremental growth in the market.

So where is the education sector in terms of user engagement?

Why not use push notifications for colleges and universities with thousands of students?

Let’s understand the need for educational push notifications and how to use them effectively.

Why should colleges and universities use push notifications?

Push notifications are an effective way to communicate with the end user. The interface is simple and directly reaches the user’s devices; Desktop and mobile phone. Some of the key benefits for universities and colleges to use push notifications are as follows.

  • With one click, students and parents can access the landing page with important details about the announcements.
  • Push notifications offer 10 to 15 times better engagement than email.
  • Push notifications have better views and open rates.

The other forms of communication such as e-mail and SMS pose many challenges for educational institutions. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Email often creates a feeling of overwhelming content. There are various emails in the student inboxes and chances are the students are ignoring the important educational emails like any other email. In fact, according to a study, 39% of students don’t open school emails and 72% of students think school emails are spam.
  • The SMS can be sent from a certain number of characters. This makes it difficult for the institutes to include detailed and sufficient information in the SMS.

The benefits of push aren’t difficult to understand. Now let’s see how you, as an educational institution, can make effective use of this type of communication.

How to use college and university push notifications

Build your target audience

The main goal of push notifications for institutes may not be conversions, but better engagement. And better engagement comes with the right audience.

Sending exam notifications for specific students shouldn’t be sent to everyone in the organization. Therefore, you can create segments based on the following categories.

Age, gender, class, batch, courses enrolled, etc.

You can use Truepush which allows you to send targeted notifications as you build the segments of your preferences.

Notification of general announcements

Imagine there is a party coming up in October and you want to let all of your students know about it in advance. Sending a push notification plays a crucial role in spreading such important messages to the students.

Push notifications also serve as a unified source of engagement. Without it, sending notifications manually may not reach every student in the corner. Therefore, push notifications are a reliable source of student engagement.

Source: Truepush

Online course announcements for colleges and universities

Online courses are on the rise due to the prevailing pandemic. Informing students of last minute changes or postponements can be a tougher task.

Imagine the benefit of having all students notified on their devices at the same time. This further prevents unnecessary chaos among students and colleges.

Class-specific announcements

Different activities with different teachers take place in each class. A teacher can have a more specific announcement for the particular class of students. For example, a surprise class test or the announcement of the exams carried out before.

In such a scenario, sending push notifications ensures that the entire student community is informed and updated.

Announcement of time-critical updates

There may be cases where a planned event is canceled for other reasons. In such cases, collection can be avoided with a single timely notification.

Push notification triggers can prove to be a useful interaction channel when time is of the essence.

Information warnings from colleges and universities

There are college magazines and newsletters that appear from time to time. A university generates a lot of information for students. It could blog about how to prepare, exam management, new technology to introduce students, etc.

Sending out important information via push notifications adds value to student management and makes them competitive enough for their future roles.

Involvement of old subscribers (alumni) for relevant updates

Engaging existing students isn’t the only benefit of using push notifications. Colleges and universities can win their graduates for future events and alumni meetings at any time.

In summary

There are many ways colleges and universities can use web push notifications to drive student engagement. From notifying students of upcoming events to sending out useful guides and e-books to sending out web push notifications to students, parents and alumni, it is an effective communication method with far greater engagement.

If you’re a college or university looking for an affordable push notification platform, sign up for Truepush to send your first free notification. We offer a free plan for up to 50,000 subscribers.

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