How the NFL Reaches Subsequent Gen Followers; Ferrero Trolls Entrepreneurs: Tuesday’s First Issues First

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The NFL has a lot to compete in today’s information and entertainment deluge, especially among younger viewers who may not be associated with the league’s legacy. Because of this, it has evolved into a TikTok presence to meet the next generation of fans where they are – and in a way that is authentically connected to them. During the first day of the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit, CMO Tim Ellis led a panel with social marketing-focused teammates Sana Merchant, AJ Curry, and Rich Elmore.

Clock: Discover how the NFL creates content and marketing initiatives that bring player connections to the forefront of the branding experience.

Also today at the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit:

  • Kate Jhaveri of the NBA, Heidi Brownig of the NHL and Barbara McHugh of the MLB discussed exactly how these three leagues turned in times of need and what we can expect from the future of the sport in the post-pandemic “new world”.
  • What do you do if your business depends on live sports when the games stop? Hear from FanDuel CMO Mike Raffensperger how the betting brand did it.

Register for Day 2 of the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit to learn more about The Brand Experience, where brand marketers and athletes share their success in this competitive landscape.

Over-promising has been a bad habit in advertising since its inception – and Crunch is poking fun at it in a new series of ads promoting the immense power of “CRUNCHing”. Mondays by enthusiastic people fail miserably because of their hobbies, but thanks to the chocolate bar they remain high-spirited. It’s the first campaign for the Ferrero brand since the company bought Nestle’s chocolate portfolio two years ago.

Watch and learn how this came about: The humorous and faux-inspiring spots should brighten your day.

Time is an illusion, double at noon – and maybe triple during the pandemic, when the average American works so hard that they skip their lunch break. Dropbox and The Infatuation want to lend a hand with The Lunch Dropbox, a week-long delivery program for employees in San Francisco, New York and Chicago, with which they can order specific menu items in three local restaurants via a special microsite.

Check the menu: Meals focus on ingredients that remote workers might not have the time or focus to put together.

SoFi Stadium, the brand new venue for the Rams and the Chargers in Los Angeles, has its own 5G network with a data transfer speed of 2.5 gigabits per second (faster than 99% of US households). It’s a growing trend among the big arenas, with AT&T Stadium claiming to be the first 5G and Verizon to be active as well – but it’s no easy task to make it happen.

An investment in the future: Is this function for the fans (who are not currently sitting in the seats) or for organizers and teams and their marketing advantages?

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