In TurboTax’s 2021 Advert Push, Reside Consultants Are Omnipresent Throughout Submitting Season

With 2020 finally in the rearview mirror, Americans now face the annual tradition of striving to understand the country’s endlessly complex tax laws and what it means to each of us.

For the tax filing service TurboTax, the arrival of 2021 also marks the beginning of its annual three and a half month sprint to win the business of American taxpayers.

TurboTax, one of the various business and financial services offered by Intuit, today released four 30-second spots – two in English and two in Spanish – to kick off the “Straight to You” seasonal campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy.

Anywhere, confused taxpayers will find their questions answered instantly by a TurboTax Live expert who arrives at what appears to be a self-propelled computer desk to virtually discuss various filing questions in real time. The queries range from deductions and dependents to submitting to multiple sources of income.

While the self-propelled desk isn’t really part of what TurboTax has to offer, this is the Live Expert. Taxpayers can choose to speak to an expert virtually about their registration options and questions, or to complete the registration – a service TurboTax is offering for the first time this year.

“It is important to note – and this is a unique tax category limitation – that we have been in the market for approximately 13 weeks,” TurboTax VP of Marketing Cathleen Ryan told Adweek. “We need to make a big impact and get our message and brand positioning across quickly.”

The campaign will culminate in a Super Bowl 2021 spot on February 7, and at least two more spots will be released throughout the season.

Last year TurboTax’s Super Bowl ad featured the rap dance number “All People Are Tax People,” a playful anthem of encouragement for taxpayers concerned about the complexity of filing.

However, last year’s campaign was released just months after a ProPublica 2019 investigation that revealed how Intuit worked to keep the government not putting in place its own system of filing free taxes while pushing consumers to buy for what they didn’t need Services to pay.

Tax filing software represents a $ 31 billion industry – an industry that TurboTax has dominated since 1993, according to ProPublica reports. In response to the investigation, the Internal Revenue Service implemented several reforms in late 2019 that addressed some of the issues, and there are currently several investigations by federal, state and civil authorities ongoing into Intuit’s practices.

While TurboTax refused to comment on how the ProPublica reports had affected the branding and advertising, Ryan noted the continuity from its 2020 campaign through this year. Both are about “breaking that barrier of lack of confidence” when filing taxes, she said. While “All Humans Are Tax People” emphasized the inherent ability of every taxpayer, this year’s focus on TurboTax Live experts is a natural evolution to accommodate more offerings from the brand.

“There are many tax advisors who need the help and confidence of a tax professional,” said Ryan. “We still have a pretty big brand awareness that is shifting from our traditional roots of DIY online software to a virtual expert platform where consumers can interact with our tax experts at the touch of a button.”

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