Jon Zacharias, Co-Founder of GR0 Brings Innovation and Skill to Modern SEO

Jon Zacharias, co-founder of GR0, brings innovation and competence to modern SEO

Have you ever wondered how a successful company is created? The backstories of those smart enough to run a business can be fascinating – even more so when a co-founder switched paths several times to find his passion.

GR0 co-founder Jon Zacharias never had any intention of getting into digital marketing. In fact, he went to school to study law. In his part-time job, with a friend of his father’s in a law firm, his interest in search engine optimization developed into a self-defined “obsession”. At some point during the performance it became clear to him: “I was much more interested in getting the cases than litigating them.”

At that time, only lawyers and medical professionals used the SEO tool, a system that optimizes content in order to link searches on platforms like Google with specific data. The potential for companies to capitalize on SEO by using it to improve their digital marketing game seemed to be a concept for years to come. However, Zacharias realized the importance of this process long before it became mainstream in the e-commerce industry.

In November 2016, the struggle with addiction became too much to ignore and Zacharias was treated at CRI-Help, an inpatient drug rehabilitation center. Armed with a new self-confidence and sobriety, he met his future GR0 partner Kevin Miller through the program. He says, “We became best friends instantly and talked every second. I feel like my whole life changed when I met him. “

And he was right. Miller’s experience at Google and his position as Head of Growth at Opendoor enabled the two to bond through search analytics and marketing campaigns – something Zacharias apparently always did on his own. He had been waiting to share his extensive knowledge with someone else.

“I spent the next seven, eight years, from 2011 to 2019, when we started the company, perfecting the science behind SEO shares. “It was really like the second wave of SEO.”

By the time Miller showed this new technique, he was fully involved and suggested going one step further. Zacharias says, “He liked it so much that he said, ‘Let’s just start a company and do it for as many direct customers as possible because it’s such a powerful channel.'” The duo put forward their plans, and GR0 came about quickly.

Two years after its foundation, this startup is being led to success. “We’re basically bringing the hottest e-commerce brands together for direct selling, working with the world’s biggest celebrities, and forging real partnerships,” says Zacharias. GR0 was able to work with Venus et fleur, Nugenix and Funboy, among others.

Zacharias says, “We’re giving these brands the opportunity to work with great celebrities who they normally couldn’t work with because they couldn’t afford to invest millions of dollars upfront.” With an inspired and inspiring CEO, GR0 is just getting started his rise.

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