Most Well-liked On-line Digital Advertising Certificates in 2021

The digital marketing sector requires experts who have digital marketing certificates and are aware of the latest developments and trends.

Here’s why: Digital marketing is an ever-changing field with talented and inspiring experts who enable companies to stay on top of the competition.

Given the rapidly changing user and consumer behavior, digital marketing has become even more sophisticated. Because of this, jobs at digital marketing agencies typically require high levels of skills, which are proven with digital marketing certificates.

Online digital marketing certificates are not only valuable for demonstrating your skills, they are also practical. Because the digital marketing sector has several training areas with different sub-categories, you will find a variety of certificate programs that give you the opportunity to gain digital expertise.

If you are looking for a job with a reputable and leading digital marketing company, you must consider earning an advanced digital marketing certification. This is where you can find the best digital marketing resources, including various ways to train yourself in digital marketing.

Best Online Digital Marketing Certificates for Marketers

The following are the most popular online digital marketing certificate programs, including free and paid courses. You can review their features and content to choose the best online digital marketing certificates that can meet your needs.

Google Analytics certification

With Google Analytics, one of the most important tools in digital marketing, you can collect and analyze website traffic data. As with the other tools, Google determines your level of knowledge about the tool by providing a certificate with an analytics test.

This is just one of the Google digital marketing certifications you get as you improve through the Google Analytics Academy.

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First, you should open an Academy for Ads account and take two courses called Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics to pass the exam. We encourage you to get this certificate before applying for a digital marketing position as it is considered highly recommended know-how for the marketing industry.

The certificate is valid for 12 months from the exam date and is free for all course participants. To get more detailed information about the course and its content, you can first visit their website.

Google Ads certification

The Google Ads Fundamentals Certificate is a free digital marketing certification program that is one of the touchstones of digital advertising. Google helps you get to know the digital world by providing a variety of educational content on its platform.

There is also training content for Google Ads on many different platforms. Google issues different certificates for each advertising model included in Google Ads. You can have certificates by advancing in Google Ads and taking the exams.

Learn how to use online ads and social media campaigns to successfully promote a business online with Google Ads courses, one of the most popular and trusted certificate programs. If you are looking for a job in digital advertising this certificate will definitely be helpful in getting the job.

The content and ramifications can be particularly useful to PPC and ad professionals, as the exam has six parts including AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

Recently, content is recognized as the king of the digital world as it is one of the essential elements that directly influence all other online strategies and digital marketing tactics.

The Hubspot Content Marketing Certification is a professional grade certification program that will benefit your career and profession. It is reliable in terms of course objectives and content quality.

The duration of the certification program is approximately four hours and covers the various aspects of content marketing, e.g. B. Content Promotion, Content Creation Framework and Content Analysis. These skills are among the qualifications necessary to be a professional in content marketing.

Digital marketing recruiters are always looking for candidates who are knowledgeable about producing, writing, and communicating content. Hence, certificates provided by Hubspot can be seen as a requirement for your knowledge to be superior in digital marketing. The best part is that all certificate programs are free!

YouTube certification

As the most efficient and appealing content format as a certified expert in video marketing, especially for YouTube marketing. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Certification of this platform therefore conveys credibility.

Youtube Creator Academy

The YouTube Creator Academy offers a wide range of opportunities and online training for both beginners and advanced users. The tutorials provide you with the latest practices in the digital world as well as advanced industry knowledge.

The duration of the tutorials varies depending on the topic. All courses are offered free of charge to all content creators and users on YouTube.

Since video creation is a highly sought-after professional skill, it is important to get a well-defined video content strategy through affordable courses and certificate programs. Create an account on YouTube and get started with this free digital marketing certification in seconds.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite is the most popular and trusted social media management platform that is preferred by numerous marketers. Through the Hootsuite Academy, she offers a wide range of social media training courses that can help you expand your knowledge of social media management and establish yourself as a notable candidate for your target position or job.

Hootsuite offers an advanced digital marketing certification program with 15 lessons and assessments. If you successfully pass the exam at the end of the class, your certificate is forever valid as you prove that you have the necessary qualifications and knowledge in the field of social media marketing.

There are three different social media certification offerings from Hootsuite. The first is the Social Marketing Certification, which costs $ 199. The basic content is mainly intended for beginners.

The second is the Advanced Social Advertising Courseware and Certification, which costs $ 249, and the final type of certification is the Advanced Social Media Strategy with richer content, priced at $ 999.

Duke University offers the Digital Media and Marketing Certificate through the Office of Continuing Studies. The curriculum of this certification program includes search engine optimization, content marketing, mobile marketing, PPC practices, web analytics and much more in the field of digital marketing.

This online self-paced program is a comprehensive, no-credit program that requires applicants to read and write English fluently.

You must have technological knowledge and internet connection throughout the course. It includes 350 hours of online lectures and takes 12 months to complete the course. Requirements include the required module and six advanced modules that you can choose from a variety of modules.

You can register for the digital marketing course at any time. The total cost is $ 3,195, all required and optional modules.

The Digital Marketing Institute is a certified digital marketing professional

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) offers a comprehensive digital marketing course that is 100% offered online. It offers you extensive content such as social media marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, mobile marketing, digital advertising and much more.

The institute claims to have trained more participants in a single digital marketing standard than in any other certification program. Both beginners and advanced applicants will take advantage of the program from digital marketing experts.

How can you get started or improve as a digital marketing professional? This certificate is a milestone in your career. You can visit their website and sign up for a course to get your professional diploma. It has a flexible schedule; However, you need to check the registration period. The price for the entire course is $ 1190.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook is recognized as the social media giant and one of the companies that dominate social media advertising. Facebook Blueprint is a training program put into practice by Facebook that consists of several educational content suitable for all levels.

Facebook blueprint

Since Facebook has nearly 1.5 million users and around 22 billion clicks per year, it is not wrong to say that Facebook Blueprint is the best source and certificate for social media advertising. The program explains all the details about advertising on Facebook and Instagram and can be a good reference to show off your social media skills when applying for a job.

The program includes eight certifications related to digital marketing personnel, media planning and advanced marketing development. Actual price may vary in different countries, but the average cost of each exam is around $ 150.

All of these online digital marketing certificates can help you get started in the digital marketing industry or improve your skills through techniques and best practices.

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