Pinterest Rolls Out Dynamic Artistic Advert Specialty

Pinterest launched a new dynamic creative ad special on Tuesday, allowing brands to partner with partners like RevJet,, and StitcherAds.

The new ad specialty was created with the aim of empowering brands to create performance-driven Pins with target group-specific messaging using dynamic creative tools and partner templates.

Advertisers can now use uploaded assets or a product feed to generate multiple versions of new Pins and automatically import product data such as availability, location and price.

Portions of these Pins then dynamically display creative elements like copies, prices and product images only to the audiences assigned by the advertiser, resulting in the automatic creation of hundreds of ads with unique messages.

According to Pinterest, the process reduces both the time and effort required to create custom ads that are relevant to specific consumer groups, and helps advertisers test and identify the creative elements that will increase performance.

The company added that the number of pinners engaging in shopping space on its platform increased 85% year over year in the six months ended September 30, 2020.

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