Shopify Completely Bans Trump’s Official On-line Shops

The and websites were unavailable around 11 a.m. ET on Thursday.

“Based on recent events, we have found that President Donald J. Trump’s actions violate our Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits promoting or endorsing any organization, platform, or person who threatens or tolerates violence to advance cause” a Shopify spokesman said in a statement.

The spokesman stated that the bans are permanent.

Trump’s Shopify ban follows similar moves by Facebook and Instagram throughout the remainder of his presidency. It’s a decision CEO Mark Zuckerberg made after Trump. “[used] his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters in the Capitol. “

On Wednesday, Twitter removed several Trump tweets and banned his account for 12 hours. However, it is expected to be used again on Thursday.

YouTube removed a Trump video but didn’t say if it would take any further action. Meanwhile, Snapchat has banned Trump from his account indefinitely. is the official store of Trump’s real estate company. is powered by his campaign.

It’s a pivotal move from Shopify, but as of Thursday, Trump merchandise similar to what was sold through its official websites – including an ugly Christmas jumper from Keep America Great and gift wrap from Trump – continued to be on popular ecommerce Websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay. Most of the offers seem to come from third parties. The platforms did not respond to requests for comment on whether they intended to pull any of the lists.

Last summer, Trump’s online stores were the target of a shopping cart abandonment program by TikTok users who hoped to waste the campaign’s advertising dollars on unsuccessful retargeting efforts.

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