The Role of Social Media in Accidents: Faruqi & Faruqi LLP; Faruqi Explains the Implications

The role of social media in accidents: Faruqi & Faruqi LLP; Faruqi explains the implications

We often hear about accidents because we want to capture moments for social media. It seems like the world revolves around the virtual connections we make while social media platforms compete for engaging their users.

A recent accident with Snapchat

An accident that occurred on May 4, 2021 shows that three young men crashed into a tree in a vehicle at too high a speed. The purpose of the three young men who performed the stunt was to try out one of Snapchat’s filters. This filter supposedly shows the real speed of the vehicle people are driving.

The three parents believe that Snapchat was responsible for the accident, as it tricked young people into showing their speed on the social media platform. Many victims are powerless against tech giants, but surprisingly, the court found that parents can take civil action over the design of the app.

The civil litigation law firm Faruqi & Faruqi LLP believes that the judicial system is on the right track as a result of this decision. This article explains the ramifications that could arise if the public were given the power to bring civil lawsuits against social media giants.

Justice for victims and survivors of personal injury

Most bodily harm victims and survivors settle for little to no compensation for the accidents that occurred as a result of participating in social media. While it has been largely since the advent of social media, this single case in 2021 may bring justice a step closer to justice for the three young victims and future victims and survivors.

Faruqi & Faruqi LLP states that social media platforms have the legal protection that would cover them if some parties decide to file a lawsuit. However, it is a strong fact to discover that justice will finally be done to people harmed by the design of the app.

Rethink the design of social media

Many social media-related accidents are the result of trends and challenges gone wrong. These are often user-generated ideas and content that encourage young people in particular to show impressive tricks in photos and videos.

Unfortunately, the design of social media turning interactions into a popularity contest has been the core of the accidents due to trends and challenges. Social media giants should now have the time to rethink the design of their apps and eliminate content that encourages dangerous behavior while preserving real interactions.

Some areas for improvement are:

  • Medico-Legal teams that review the content of social media functions: Faruqi & Faruqi LLP states that experts should have judgment on the design and features of the application which can be a blind spot to other developers. This move could help prevent future accidents and also protect the tech companies.
  • Collect opinions: When trends and challenges go viral, it’s often only a specific demographic, rather than the broad mass of social media. As such, it is important to seek opinions on other demographics unaffected by social media functions, trends, and challenges as they pose a physical, mental, or emotional threat to a particular group.
  • Immediate and continuous further development: With the help of experts, social media apps should remind users of the core purpose of their use. The immediate and constant further development of the developers should always be done, not only to promote the use of social media, but also to offer the greatest possible security to the users.

Awareness among people on social media

Some victims are unable to speak up because they believe that a civil lawsuit gives them no power against social media giants. This current move brings renewed hope and awareness to even previous victims of how social media trends can go wrong.

Parents can remind children of the effects of participating in filters, challenges, or trends within these social media platforms. Some trends are meant to threaten a person’s life for the sake of popularity, and even having a presence on social media doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve passed security clearing.

People can also take a step back and rate the things they do on social media. It’s not just about a physical issue, it’s about the inner workings of our hearts and minds and how we use technologies that shape our lives. It makes us aware of why we use social media and how we should teach others about safety and real connections.

Other technologies that promote safety

As the recent Snapchat accident case shows that victims may have an increased chance of a Supreme Court ruling, other tech inventors would be forced to rethink apps, gadgets, and other endeavors that encourage safety and positive behavior.

Social media has been the main discussion regarding mental health issues, criminal activity and personal injury accidents like the incident mentioned above. It is high time that people who create pay more attention to how they design their inventions in order to promote safety and positive behavior.

The psychological well-being, personal safety and value retention of people must be better taken into account, especially in relation to groups that can be influenced and that can easily be influenced by such platforms.

Hope amid tragedy: justice and change

Faruqi & Faruqi LLP believes that the recent terrible accident will hopefully positively change the way personal injury victims are dealt with in incidents involving social media platform giants. Hopefully, this tragedy will encourage victims to come forward while also challenging social media platforms to rethink their design for the safety and wellbeing of their users.

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